Mathematical Science I (2015 Spring)


This lecture covers topics spanning algebra, geometry and analysis which are comprehensible with only relatively basic previous knowledge. We focus on classical analysis using ε-δ argument, properties of continuous mappings and their spaces, fixed point theorems and their applications.

Class schedule

Monday, 10:30am - 12:00am, at 8th Lecture room
(Except May 1 (Fri.))


  • Ken-Ichi NAKAMURA : Part 1
  • Norihisa IKOMA : Part 2

Outline of topics

  • Part 1 (8 lectures) : Review of some real analysis and metric spaces
  • Part 2 (8 lectures) : Contraction mapping theorem and fixed point theorems


  • Homework and Reports : 80%
  • Attendance (including Quizzes) : 20%

Homework assignment

Homework will be assigned at (almost) every two weeks and collected at the beginning of the next class. Late homework will NOT be accepted.

  • HW1 (Due: April 27)
  • HW2 (Due: May 11->May 18(changed))
  • HW3 (Due: May 25)
  • HW4 (Due: Jun. 8)