SNP2014 講演者



Peter Polacik (ミネソタ大学)
Large time behavior of bounded solutions of semilinear heat equations on the entire space
Xavier Cabre (カタロニア工科大学)
The influence of fractional diffusion in Allen-Cahn and KPP type equations

一般講演 (講演者アルファベット順)

赤木 剛朗 (神戸大学)
Stability analysis of non-isolated asymptotic profiles for fast diffusion
Jaeyoung Byeon (KAIST)
Nonlinear elliptic problems in Rn with Zn+1-symmetry
Yihong Du (ニューイングランド大学)
Long-time behavior of nonlinear free boundary problems
石毛 和弘 (東北大学)
Positive solutions of a semilinear elliptic equation with a dynamical boundary condition
川上 竜樹 (大阪府立大学)
When does the heat equation have a solution with a sequence of similar level sets?
森田 善久 (龍谷大学)
Stability of planar standing fronts and front-interaction in FitzHugh-Nagumo equations